Why Reputt?

Why Reputt?

Ramps wrongly train one to hit the ball with much more force than needed. The slope and size of these ramps is such that the ball would end up many feet past the hole if it misses. As a result, on an actual green the ball ends up either many feet past the hole (for a dreaded long second putt) or short of the hole as one tries to compensate for the ramp one has been practicing on.

Then there is the fact that ball entry speed matters, so even if your ball makes it into the hole on the ramp, it may not on an actual green as the ball entry speed may be too fast, causing a lip out. This is because the hole size effectively reduces for higher ball entry speeds. See below data from Trackman.

Why not practice putting without those artificial ramps and still get the ball returned? We've engineered Reputt, so you could do just that! Get Reputt today and discover a much more realistic form of putting practice.

Image showing no-ramps when using Reputt

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