Why Reputt?

Why Reputt?

Putting is the skill of knowing how much to hit to make the ball reach a certain position on the green. That involves developing a feel for the connection between the putter, the ball and how the ball decelerates on the green. Unfortunately, all ball return mechanisms for putting mats involve a ramp right before the hole that not only prevents one from developing this feel, but also wrongly trains one to hit the ball with a lot more force than one should, causing those long testing return putts.

A conventional gravity ramp for putting mats

Putting mats with automatic ball return mechanisms having ramps right before the hole like the gravity one above and other electricity powered ones might be good to practice hitting the ball straight, but not much beyond that. For gravity powered ramps in particular, the slope needs to be a lot more for the ball to return a longer distance, causing you to hit with even more force. Then there is the fact that uphills putts by default are easier than flat or downhill putts so you will naturally find making putts on putting mats with a ramp at the end easier.

This is why we designed Reputt, to give you a similar experience like that of a typical putting green so you could practice both distance and direction control without the worry of getting the ball back. Get Reputt today and discover a much more realistic form of putting practice.

Image showing no-ramps when using Reputt

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