World's First No-Ramp Ball Return Device

World's First No-Ramp Ball Return Device

Greens do not have a steep ramp right before the hole, then why should putting mats?

Greens do not have a steep ramp right before the hole, then why should putting mats?

It's time for ramp-less, realistic putting practice with ball return.

Thoughtfully Designed with a Bundle Of Features!
A bundle of features!

Special walls within the target, channel made putts inwards and lip-out others. As a result, low speed balls on the edge roll into the target and faster balls do not, allowing you to practice ball entry speed.

Ball is returned 11 feet or more allowing you to practice those long putts with ease AND successfully translate that to the golf course.

Reputt's blocking walls are designed to stop reasonably fast moving balls over a wide area.

Reputt attaches to its putting mat using powerful magnets, so it stays secured during practice and can be easily detached if needed. Running at Stimp 10, the putting mat measures 10 feet by 1 foot. The speed of the mat can be easily increased as well by ironing in a direction away from the target (see below). Detach/Attach with ease!
Iron mat

Already have a putting mat? If you already have a putting mat, you could buy Reputt with Device Extenders and Mat Connectors that allow Reputt to attach to your existing putting mat.

No more long winding whirring noise just for a ball return. Get used to crisp short sounds; checkout NicheGolf's review.
No track roll noise either as ball is returned on the mat itself.
Works for both left handed and right handed golfers. Lipout

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